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We have a choice of 4 company incorporation packages Special, Bronze, Silver and Gold packages. Prices start at £50+vat.

Our most popular packages are the silver, at £70+vat ,and bronze, £60+ vat, packages . The special package at £50 + vat, is suitable for the smaller type of company where there might be just one person involved.

Community Interest Company

What is a Community Interest Company?
Community Interest Companies are a type of limited company designed for people who want to conduct a business or other activity for community benefit and not purely for the benefit of the members of the company. The CIC Regulator must approve applications to form a CIC and has a continuing monitoring and enforcement role. A company cannot become a CIC if it is, or intends to be, a political party or a political campaigning organisation (or a subsidiary of either). In addition, a CIC cannot be a charity.

  • the name of a community interest company which is not a public company must end with 'community interest company’ or ‘c.i.c’.
  • the name of a community interest company which is a public company must end with ‘community interest public limited company’, or ’community interest p.l.c.' Please note you can only make an application to form a CIC on paper and there is no "Same Day" service available.

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